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About Us

Good • Strong • Safe

This is our motto and our mission, summed up in three words – good, strong and safe. This what we want for kids & teens: that they can be people of good character; strong in body, mind & spirit; who are able to protect themselves from intimidation and violence.

About The Authors

The Simmons Family From left: Laura, Mike, Ryan, Lisa, and Caitlin.

We’re Mike & Lisa Simmons - parents of three kids and owners/instructors at Simmons Family Martial Arts. Over the last 20 years, we’ve taught hundreds of kids self-protection skills in a faith-based martial arts program, given school presentations around the region in which we live, and have been featured on local TV news stations as specialists in teaching self-defense to kids and women.

We currently operate a commercial martial arts school for kids ages 4-18. We’ve also developed and taught a full-contact women’s self-protection program that allows women to actually test and use their skills and techniques.