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Bad Guys May Not Look Scary

Here are some things to know about Bad Guys.

1) Who is a Bad Guy? A bad guy is anyone who tries to take us anywhere without Mom or Dad, who tries to hurt us or tries to makes us do things we know are wrong. Remember that you can’t tell who is a bad guy by how they look. He probably won’t look scary because bad guys are tricky - they know we’ll run away if they look scary. We might even know this person - and that’s a really tricky kind of bad guy - because we thought we could trust them.

2) Trust Your Gut Have you ever been really scared of the dark or something like that? How does your stomach feel when you’re scared? We have a natural radar system inside us that goes off when something isn’t right. That is your gut alarm. Now a bad guy can confuse our brains, but no one can fool the gut! If your stomach gets nervous, or if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable, that could be your ‘gut alarm’ going off. Pay attention to it!!!

3) Tell Mom & Dad Bad guys hate when Mom or Dad know what they’re trying to do. It’s important to tell Mom or Dad if anyone makes your gut alarm go off. Tell us right away, and don’t ever be afraid to tell us anything. We’ll protect you, and we’ll be OK too. Just tell us right away.

Be good, be strong & be safe