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Summer Safety


How did it get to be summer already?

Are you ready?

Here are some hints and tip to keep the kids safe and healthy while everyone is having fun!


Sun safety—Keep the sunscreen on the kids.

Yes, everyone hears about it constantly, but it is wise to remember:

Check for ticks: Here’s a trick to removing a tick: I have tried this and it really works:

Soap a cotton ball with liquid soap, dab it on the tick and leave cotton ball on for 15-20 seconds. The tick will come off with the cotton ball and there’s no need for tweezers.

Watch out for splinters on wood decks—wear shoes!  Ask Caitlin about this!

Water sports and pools  in the backyard are great but remember to ALWAYS keep an eye on your kids when they are in the pool. Don’t go in for the phone, a drink or the bathroom unless you make them get out of the pool until you are back outside! This was a forever rule in my backyard until they were in the teens. Accidents can happen instantly.

Some kids fight wearing those little inflatable “wings”, but if they can’t swim yet, it should be a rule to wear them or a swim vest.

Teach your kids to swim or take them to swim lessons—the best investment you’ll ever make for your kids! I know lots of adults who STILL don’t know how to swim.  Learning to swim should be as important as not touching a hot stove!


Playing in the neighborhood. It’s called the King’s X Theory, (the closer you get to home, the more you let your guard down) but it’s something we teach the kids. You never let your guard down about your safety, even in your own yard. Kids who go off alone, no matter how close to home they are can be prone to abduction. So teach your kids to always go to the neighbor’s house with a buddy. Walk home with a buddy. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck WITH A BUDDY or with YOU!


This buddy system is good too in case of someone getting hurt. There is always someone else to run for help.


Bicycle Safety: Always wear a helmet! Obey the same safety laws the cars do. Stop at the stop signs, look both ways, don’t weave back and forth. Signal before you turn.

Check your tires and chains before riding your bike so you don’t have a flat in the middle of the trail or neighborhood.

Go in pairs or groups! Don’t bike alone!


Be prepared: if you are going on a family bike ride, take along water bottles in a backpack, as well as bandaids for little cuts or blisters, snacks if it’s going to be a long ride, simple repair kit for the bikes. If you are biking on the street with a lot of traffic, have an adult in front and one at the end of the line to help watch the younger ones inbetween.



Have a great and safe summer! We’ll see you in the fall!