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For Parents & Teachers

You will have more impact on kids than most anyone - and it's our job to teach them what they'll need to know to be happy, healthy and positive adults.

Here are some lessons for you, some for them, and a special offer to help kids to be good, strong and safe!

Lessons for Parents & Teachers




Lessons to Share With Kids




Mike Simmons author and instructor

Over the last 20 years, I have taught self-protection skills to hundreds of kids through a Christian-based martial arts program… and I’d like to help you teach your kids to be good, strong and safe too.

These are life-saving skills that all kids should know - in the same way that we teach traffic and fire safety. You can teach and practice these skills in fun lessons that will help kids to be prepared, not scared!

To make it easy for parents and teachers, we’ve put the experience, lessons and games we use to teach kids into an easy-to-use workbook that will take you step by step through this important material. Just follow the lessons, play the games, and watch your child’s confidence grow.

Of course I think that martial arts classes are great for kids… I’m a professional martial arts instructor… but I also know that martial arts classes can be expensive ($500 to $1500 per year per child) and that by focusing on forms, sparring and tournaments martial arts classes don’t always do a good job of teaching self-protection. Kids need to know how to identify problems, how to maintain a safe distance, how to draw attention and try to escape.

Now you can teach the same lessons that we use, and for a price much, much lower than even one month’s worth of martial arts classes. Just click the link ‘Buy the Workbook’ and you can help your kids or students and have fun doing it.

Thanks for your interest in helping kids to be good, strong and safe!